Preschool Entrepreneurship Program

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program


Whether, you intend to Start a New Preschool, Start a Day Care, or you want to upgrade your existing Preschool, or you need to train your new employees, or you need to improve your Admission Counsellor’s skills, or you need to train yourself for each element of preschool; Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is suitable for you.

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program will empower you, regarding all these elements – Starting a New Preschool, Upgrading your existing Preschool, How to run a Preschool in a professional manner, How to manage a preschool in a professional manner.


Join PEP and empower yourself to Start & Manage a Preschool of World Standards


What it includes :


PEP is an endeavor to Train, orient, and Educate you overall required elements of a Preschool.
It will include 18 Main topics having many sub-topics.


Preschool Entrepreneurship Program includes topics like starting up, Toys, Equipment, Preschool Academics, Recruitment, Designing the Site layout, Developing policies for your preschool, Transportation, Commencement, Inquiry Handling, Promotions, Advertising, Managing Relationships, Launch, Finance and Accounting, Budget, Preschool business in India, Preschool scenario in India and many more.


In Preschool Entrepreneurship Program, we also discuss starting up Preschool as per your Budget, SEC, Fee, and location.



Price :


Professional Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) is offered in 3 different price tiers –


(1) PEP conducted centrally –

PEP conducted at a centralized location, whereby many entrepreneurs jointly attends this program, dates are announced from time to time. To receive an update about such dates, venue, and other related information, please connect with us and/or Follow Us – Click Here 


(2) PEP at Client’s location –

PEP conducted at the client’s location itself, whereby entire Team / Family members of an entrepreneur may attend this program, dates are mutually decided. To discuss the date contact Rewati Raman Vishewar at WhatsApp [+91 – 9910680423] and do message him regarding your requirements, ideas, and plans and let your idea turn into a great social and economical venture


(3) Online Video-based PEP –

Online Text-based PEP is FREE, which you may join here – How To Start a Preschool in India Course

The price for Online Video-based Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is INR 3000 (Three Thousand) only.


For whom –


Entrepreneurs planning to start a Preschool Education Business either through their own name or through franchising option, and wants to have a complete know-how of Preschool Education Business.

Live your dream of ‘Preschool Business’ along with Rewati Raman Vishewar (CEO, The ZERO Curriculum™), for 3 Days and enjoy continuous Support, until you have started and rolled out your Preschool (and have become a Master Entrepreneur).

Seek our Help in Designing the Preschool and Designing the Layout of your classrooms, as per your customized site/location and need.

Seek our Help in Planning the Investment and Working Capital as per your Budget available in your hand.

Seek our Help in Evaluating whether Preschool Education Business is Suitable for you or Not.


How good the Price would be –


Save yourself from the problem of, having invested in useless toys and equipment, having planned the classrooms in a very poor manner, having no understanding of Curriculum and/or Syllabus and copied anything from anywhere, and ultimately facing problems with New Admissions, Existing parents, and poor word-of-mouth.

Various other unprofessional sources like existing preschools, company’s managers, other consultants, etc will never provide you professional information in a proper step-wise manner.

Furniture sellers will push their Furniture to you, Toy sellers will push their toys to you, Montessori manufacturers will push all their toys (good as well as useless) to you for no benefit of Child, Parents & Teachers, and, ultimately you will end up wasting your all Budget here and there is a completely unprofessional manner.

Remember that besides you, your Admission Counsellor, Principal, and Teachers also need to have a complete overview of each element of Preschool, so, just invest some money and training, and save huge wastage of your time and money.

Be Ready, before you face anybody else, in relation to your dream of Preschool Education Business, so that everybody takes you seriously, Join PEP now – 


Online Text-based PEP is FREE, which you may join here – How To Start a Preschool in India Course

The price for Online Video-based Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is INR 3000 (Three Thousand) only.




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