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Providing Education Solutions: Using Science of Learning

At The ZERO Curriculum™, our mission is to provide – Great Curriculum. Great Training. Great Assessment. Great Support.

The ZERO Curriculum™: Supporting Teachers Teach & Children Learn, since 2009

SERVICES: Curriculum, Training, Assessment, Research, Survey, Books, Worksheets, Start-up Services.

Providing Education Solutions: Using Science of Learning

The ZERO Curriculum™ specializes in providing all kinds of solutions relating to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ (Pre-Primary/ Preschool/ Kindergarten) and ‘Primary Grades’ in the areas of Curriculum, Assessment, Training, Academic Resources, Curriculum Delivery, Printable, Worksheets, Teaching materials, Creatives, Books …

The ZERO Curriculum™ also provides specific Education Solutions from Middle Grades to Higher-Secondary Grades to those schools that subscribe to our Customised Curriculum solutions.

Thought Leader, Pioneer, and leading Innovator in Curriculum

The ZERO Curriculum™ has been at the forefront of curriculum development since 2009, constantly innovating to improve in the areas of curriculum, training, assessment, research, surveys, books, worksheets, and start-up services.

We believe that traditional methods such as flashcards and worksheets are not always the most effective ways to enhance the quality of education. However, we recognize the importance of developmentally appropriate materials in certain social and academic contexts, and we support our curriculum with carefully crafted worksheets and flashcards.

Our commitment to education extends to Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs), for whom we have a separate customized curriculum.

One area in which we are particularly skilled is Early Numeracy, or Foundational Numeracy. Our unique trademarked style, Calculus in Preschool™, represents our expertise in this area. Similarly, in the field of STEM, we have developed Optics in Preschool™ to represent our approach.

At The ZERO Curriculum™, we prioritize the student’s experience of the curriculum over how teachers deliver it. Through our curriculum, training, and assessment solutions, we aim to create a unique educational ecosystem.

Since our inception, we have continuously innovated not only in the areas of curriculum, but also in the methodology through which we make it available to our user groups, including teachers, principals, and managers.

Individualised Curriculum in relevant Social and Academic context

The ZERO Curriculum™ adopts an interdisciplinary approach that seamlessly integrates arts and creative activities such as drawing, painting, singing, rhyming, group and individual activities to deliver content across various subject areas. This approach facilitates a multidimensional learning experience that engages students in diverse modalities of learning. The curriculum’s innovative pedagogy incorporates a range of strategies including activity-based learning, project-based learning, learning through play, and experiential education to ensure that learning is not only effective but also enjoyable.

Through the use of various activities such as discussions, learning centers, worksheets, blocks, free play, discovery areas, water and sand play, pretend play, dramatization, storytelling and retelling, the ZERO Curriculum™ effectively interweaves content areas with artistic and creative elements. This approach fosters an intradisciplinary approach to learning that enables students to draw connections between different subjects, thus promoting a more holistic understanding of concepts.

In summary, the ZERO Curriculum™ provides an interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary approach to learning. The curriculum integrates diverse pedagogical strategies to deliver content areas through creative and artistic activities, thus ensuring that learning is both effective and enjoyable.

“Knowledge Construction through Integration of Teachers, Students, and Curriculum.”

Unburden classrooms!

Curriculum solutions provided by The ZERO Curriculum™ are Creative, Innovative, Experiential, and based on Scientific Pedagogy. Explore more about our Features, Attributes, Advantages, and Benefits –

The curriculum solutions provided by The ZERO Curriculum™ are characterized by creativity, innovation, experiential learning, and scientific pedagogy. Our approach is centered around empowering teachers with the skills and knowledge of teaching, enabling them to understand the concepts, pedagogical practices, assessment, and teaching strategies required to deliver high-quality education.

We cover all education theories and philosophies, including preschool theories and philosophies such as Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Dewey, Maslow, Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia), Sara Smilansky (Learning through Play), Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), Howard Gardner©*, R. N. Caine, G. Caine, E. Jensen, R. Sylvester, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Paulo Freire, Friedrich Froebel, Thematic Approach, Integrated Approach, Experiential Education, Pestalozzi, Freud, Learning through Play, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, among others.

Since 2009, The ZERO Curriculum™ has been innovating and empowering schools and preschools, establishing itself as the most acclaimed thought leader, pioneer, and leading innovator in curriculum, assessment, training, and delivery.

At The ZERO Curriculum™, we understand that early literacy is more than just reading and writing; it encompasses communication in its entirety, including expressing oneself, sharing experiences, dreams, imagination, oral capability, writing capability, pictures, paintings, art, colors, and much more, all of which are included in our curriculum.

We firmly believe that ‘how we teach is more important than what we teach™’. Our curriculum addresses not only the content of the material but also the methodology, encompassing a wide range of instructional exercises, activities, discussions, thematic activities, flashcards, worksheets, and much more.

In the context of preschool education, “play” is a highly misused and misunderstood word. At The ZERO Curriculum™, we recognize that a child may have infinite ways of playing, including free play, guided play, playful learning, playful pedagogy, learning through play, playful classroom, symbolic play, pretend play, imaginative play, playful settings, supplement play, among others. However, simple babysitting and the child wandering around and playing itself is not at all play that we would want to happen in a preschool campus. That’s why we say, play is NOT idle babysitting Play™.

Our Calculus in Preschool™ initiative is founded on the premise that if a student fails in calculus, there is an underlying reason behind the failure that goes beyond the calculus itself. Our curriculum goes beyond text and includes manuals, assessments, teaching strategies, content area details, activities, mentoring, continuing support, training, and customizations to provide a comprehensive Curriculum Plus++.

Placing Science & Technology in the wider context of the Curriculum

We are using the STEAM approach in such a manner that it empowers children to examine their everyday experiences from that lens. Creativity and Problem-Solving do not restrict themselves to one content area. Our STEAM approach to education/curriculum is an integrative, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary.

In Education, Questions are more important than Answers, for, Questions may unravel doors that otherwise would never have existed. Questions may as well be responded to by questions, for there cannot be any questions that cannot be answered, so in any case, “QUESTIONS” are more important. Interesting questions that The ZERO Curriculum™ keeps in focus:

Startup Solutions/Upgrade existing Preschool

“Preschool Entrepreneurship Program” is a customisable program to suit the needs of entrepreneurs …

Founder and Senior Leadership

The ZERO Curriculum™ is a pioneer in Preschool and Primary Grades Curriculum, with a zeal to make each Preschool a high-quality preschool, Abhidha Seth founded The ZERO Curriculum™ in 2009 …

Global Preschool Curriculum™

Bring the Global Preschool Curriculum™ today to your Preschool and school and give your child the gift of a well-rounded, engaging, innovative, imaginative education and the best possible start in the world of Early Childhood Education Curriculum!

Montessori Mosaic Explorers Preschool Curriculum™

In this Montessori Mosaic Explorers Preschool Curriculum™, the client will have the flexibility to choose Multi Grade Multi Level Classroom option (MGML) or may also choose Four Preschool Programs as mentioned …

Spark Preschool Curriculum™

The Spark Preschool Curriculum™ is a comprehensive, diverse, and adaptable curriculum that not only focuses on academic learning but also emphasizes the development of practical life skills, environmental and cultural awareness, and early scientific thinking, making it a holistic educational tool for early childhood development.

Whimsy Wonder Preschool Curriculum™

Whimsy Wonder Curriculum™, along with its thematic approach to learning, follows a holistic approach to education. Each activity is carefully crafted to target at least three areas of development domains, including cognitive, social and emotional, physical, language, and creative and aesthetic development domains.

Knowledge Quest Preschool Curriculum™ – 100 Days, 100 Activities, 100 Worksheets

Knowledge Quest Preschool Curriculum™ – 100 Days, 100 Activities, 100 Worksheets – is the ultimate companion for parents passionate about their child’s early education.

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