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Providing Education Solutions : Using Science of Learning

At The ZERO Curriculum™, our mission is to provide – Great Curriculum. Great Training. Great Assessment. Great Support.

The ZERO Curriculum™: Supporting Teachers Teach & Children Learn, since 2009

SERVICES: Curriculum, Training, Assessment, Research, Survey, Books, Worksheets, Start-up Services.

Providing Education Solutions: Using Science of Learning

The ZERO Curriculum™ specializes in providing all kinds of solutions relating to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ (Pre-Primary/ Preschool/ Kindergarten) and ‘Primary Grades’ in the areas of Curriculum, Assessment, Training, Academic Resources, Curriculum Delivery, Printable, Worksheets, Teaching materials, Creatives, Books …

The ZERO Curriculum™ also provides specific Education Solutions from Middle Grades to Higher-Secondary Grades to those schools that subscribe to our Customised Curriculum solutions.

Thought Leader, Pioneer, and leading Innovator in Curriculum

Since 2009, The ZERO Curriculum™ has been a Thought Leader in the areas of Curriculum. Whereby we are constantly innovating, exploring, and improving in the areas of Curriculum, Training, Assessment, Research, surveys, Books, Worksheets, and Start-up Services …

We understand that Flash Cards and Worksheets are not the best methods to enhance the quality of education. In the relevant social and academic context, we support our curriculum through developmentally appropriate worksheets and flashcards.

We have a separate customized curriculum for Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs) also.

Our expertise in Early Numeracy (Foundational Numeracy) is especially represented by our trademarked style – Calculus in Preschool™, and the areas of STEM, it is represented by the similarly unique phrase Optics in Preschool™.

Through our Curriculum, Training, and Assessment solutions, we develop a unique ecosystem of education whereby our emphasis is more on how the student experiences the curriculum, more than how teachers deliver it.

Since 2009, The ZERO Curriculum™ has been continuously innovating not only in the areas of Curriculum but also in the methodology through which we make the ‘Curriculum’ available to its user groups (Teacher, Principal, Manager).

Providing Education Solutions : Using Science of Learning

Individualised Curriculum in relevant Social and Academic context

Approach- Interdisciplinary, Intradisciplinary, Multidisciplinary et al. :

In The ZERO Curriculum™, most content areas are delivered primarily through arts and creative activities like drawing, painting, singing, rhymes, group activity, individual activity, etc. That means delivery of entire Content areas (subjects) is interwoven with Activities, Drawings, paintings, rhymes, Stories (telling and retelling), Discussions, Learning Centers, Worksheets, Blocks, meaningful Free Play, Discovery areas, Water Play, Sand Play, Pretend Play, Dramatics, and other Fun and enjoyable things. We follow the ‘activity-based learning’ and ‘project-based learning’ philosophy, along with ‘learning through play’ and ‘experiential education’.

Knowledge Construction through Integration of Teachers, Students, and Curriculum.

Unburden classrooms!

Curriculum solutions provided by The ZERO Curriculum™ are Creative, Innovative, Experiential, and based on Scientific Pedagogy. Explore more about our Features, Attributes, Advantages, and Benefits –

Teacher Empowerment

We focus on ‘Teacher empowerment’ by providing ‘Skill and Knowledge of Teaching’ so that they understand the Concepts, Pedagogical Practices, Assessment, and Teaching strategies.

Theories and Philosophies

We cover all Education Theories and Philosophies. In The ZERO Curriculum™, we have used all available Preschool Theories and Philosophies wherever required and appropriate.

A list of some Preschool Theories and Philosophies being used in The ZERO Curriculum™ are –

Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Dewey, Maslow, Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia), Sara Smilansky (Learning through Play), Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), Howard Gardner©*, R. N. Caine, G. Caine, E. Jensen, R. Sylvester, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Paulo Freire, Friedrich Froebel, Thematic Approach, Integrated Approach, Experiential Education, Pestalozzi, Freud, Learning through Play, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore et al.

Thought Leader

Innovating and empowering Schools & Preschools since 2009, The ZERO Curriculum™ is the most acclaimed Thought Leader, Pioneer, and leading Innovator in Curriculum, Assessment, Training, and delivery.

Early Literacy

Early Literacy / Foundational Literacy –  The ZERO Curriculum™ understands that Early Literacy is more than just Reading and Writing, it is about entire Communication – expressing oneself, sharing experiences, dreams, imagination, oral capability, writing capability, pictures, paintings, Art, Colours, and much more, and we have included each in our Curriculum.

How we Teach is more important than What we Teach™

Suppose we are teaching about an ‘xyz’ animal. Now, what animal we are teaching would hold lesser importance than how and what we teach about that animal.
The list of such How’s is also very long – How will instructional exercises be carried out? How are activities to be done? How is the discussion to be started? How to conduct the related thematic activity? How to use Flash Card? How to use worksheets? And much more. All such ‘How’ have been properly addressed in The ZERO Curriculum™.

Play is NOT idle babysitting Play™

When it comes to ‘Preschool Education’, ‘play’ is a highly misused and misunderstood word.
A child may have infinite ways of playing.
In ‘Preschool Education’ (ECCE) philosophy, the play could be anything like – Free Play, Guided Play, Playful learning, Playful pedagogy, Learning through play, playful classroom, symbolic play, pretend play, imaginative play, playful settings, supplement play, etc. Still, simple babysitting and the child wandering around and playing itself is not at all ‘play’ that we would want to happen in a preschool campus.
That’s why we at The ZERO Curriculum™ say – Play is NOT idle babysitting Play™.


Calculus in Preschool™

If the student fails in Calculus, then what is the actual reason behind failure in Calculus? This pedagogy is behind our Calculus in Preschool™ initiative.

Curriculum Plus++

The customized curriculum made available by The ZERO Curriculum™ is not just some text, but it has much more extensive coverage like- manuals, assessments, teaching strategies, content area details, activities, mentoring, continuing support, training, and customizations as well.

View All Features, Attributes, Advantages, and Benefits here.

Placing Science & Technology in the wider context of the Curriculum

We are using the STEAM approach in such a manner that it empowers children to examine their everyday experiences from that lens. Creativity and Problem-Solving do not restrict themselves to one content area. Our STEAM approach to education/curriculum is an integrative, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary.

In Education, Questions are more important than Answers, for, Questions may unravel doors that otherwise would never have existed. Questions may as well be responded to by questions, for there cannot be any questions that cannot be answered, so in any case, “QUESTIONS” are more important. Interesting questions that The ZERO Curriculum™ keeps in focus:

A few attributes of The ZERO Curriculum™:

The ZERO Curriculum™ aspires to bring High-Quality Preschool and Primary Grades Curriculum to each Preschool & School.  With this vision, since 2009, we have been helping preschools, schools, and stakeholders by keeping our services in customised format and pricing in an appreciable range and installment format. Our Online Curriculum, Training, Worksheets, and Teaching Learning Materials are priced in such a manner that even low-priced schools, schools catering to the socio-economically underprivileged, would also find it economical. Our Online Curriculum, Training, Worksheets, and Teaching Learning Materials are also suitable for parents looking for homeschool or school-plus resources. Please visit our Shops, as well as the main pages properly – Shop, Curriculum, Worksheets. Schools planning to subscribe to our Customised Solutions- Customised Curriculum, Training, Worksheets, may Contact Us here.