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Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum

Global Preschool Curriculum™

Global Preschool Curriculum™ is an Early Childhood Education Curriculum, a curriculum covering all Preschool Programs in a much more detailed manner, having daily lesson plans, and it is a Day-wise Preschool curriculum.

With a focus on best global practices, this Yearly Curriculum with Daily Lesson Plans provides comprehensive coverage of all essential learning areas.

We’ve carefully designed the Global Preschool Curriculum™ to fit within a 220-day school year, with 22 days per month and two months open for holidays and vacations. Thus it is a day-wise Preschool Curriculum preparing a comprehensive plan for 220 Days per Academic Year.

Global Preschool Curriculum™ is quite detailed, and we have used 7000 words to discuss each day’s lesson plan. Our objective is to provide detailed information in such a manner that the user groups feel confident after going through our Day-wise Preschool Curriculum.

In this Global Preschool Curriculum™, we have included Four Preschool Programs –

Playgroup (Age group 2 to 3/3.5 years),
Nursery (Age group 3/3.5 to 4/4.5 years),
Lower Kindergarten (Age group 4/4.5 to 5/5.5 years), and
Upper Kindergarten (Age group 5/5.5 to 6/6.5 years).

Start accessing Global Preschool Curriculum™ today and give your child the gift of a well-rounded, engaging, innovative, imaginative education and the best possible start in the world of Early Childhood Education Curriculum!

Whimsy Wonder Preschool Curriculum™

Whimsy Wonder Curriculum™ is an Early Childhood Education Thematic Preschool Curriculum designed to ignite your child’s curiosity, imagination, and love for learning by using themes as a criterion to cover the yearly curriculum.

Whimsy Wonder Curriculum™ is a curriculum that comprehensively covers all Preschool Programs and covers the complete Academic Year with daily lesson plans that are grouped thematically on a weekly basis. But equally, it is also a Day-wise Preschool curriculum.

Whimsy Wonder Curriculum™, along with its thematic approach to learning, follows a holistic approach to education. Each activity is carefully crafted to target at least three areas of development domains, including cognitive, social and emotional, physical, language, and creative and aesthetic development domains.

The Day-wise Curriculum, Whimsy Wonder Curriculum™ is carefully distributed over Ten months / 200 days to cover the entire Academic Year.

In this, we have divided entire Preschool Programs into Two Preschool Programs – Nursery (Age group 3/3.5 to 4/4.5 years, Suitable for both Playgroup & Nursery children), Kindergarten (Age group 4.5/5 to 5.5/6 years, Suitable for both Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten children).

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