Use 3 C’s with reading books to improve creativity among children : important for story time, circle time

Use 3 C’s with reading books to improve creativity among children: important for storytime, circle time:

3 C’s to use with children after book reading and story reading:

In research writing or while doing a literature review, we use the concept of 5 C’s, from that we are borrowing the 3 C’s and explaining the method of using it with the children.

3 C’s – Compare, Contrast, Critique.

Steps –

1. Chose books or readings (e.g. Teacher chose the book Coraline and Pandora’s Box).
One may look for characters, settings, plot, et al.

2. After two or more readings are done, the teacher/adult may pose these questions (these are examples, questions may vary depending upon readings) –

a.) Do you find any similarities between the two books?
b.) What are the similarities between these two books?
c.) Which character seems more like you or which character is not at all like you?
d.) What changes would you like to be made in book xyz?
e.) Which book appeals to you more?
f.) Do you see any differences between these two books?
g.) What are the differences that you see between these two books?
h.) Is there anything that you may want to suggest to the author/s regarding the book xyz?

What are the things that you would like to add from your side?

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