Two Steps to Start a new Play School

Are you planning about how to start a new play school! Well, there is a simple two steps process to Start a new Play School.

  1. Attend ‘Preschool Entrepreneurship Program’.
  2. Bring High Quality Curriculum and Training Support from The ZERO Curriculum.

Now, let us understand this entire two step process with a bit detail.

Legal Regulations Lawful Obligation Law requirements Acts and Laws to be followed Business details Academic guidelines Startup requirements and other Suggestions and Ideas relating to Starting up a Play School in India.

Starting up a business / organisation is always a big dream, big task and huge responsibility also. When you have finally thought of How to Start a Play School, there are several elements on which you need to draw your attention.

Starting up a business in itself is a huge research involving procedure and Starting up a Play School is not just a simple business, Play School is an Education Business.

Main topics on knowing about How to Start a Play School:

  • Laws and Statutory requirements
  • Academics
  • Business essentials
  • Entrepreneurial requirements
  • Financials involved


Topics on knowing about How to Start a Play School are –

Laws and Statutory requirements : Play School Laws in India

Academics : Academic Guidelines to be followed by Play Schools in India

Business essentials : Business requirements and Business details about Play School Education business in India

Entrepreneurial requirements : Must know elements of Play School Education business to Start a lay School in India

Financials involved : Financial projections and Fund Requirements of Play School Education business to Start a lay School in India


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”play school registration process regulatory guidelines to start a preschool”]


To download the complete Registration Process and regulatory guidelines to start a Preschool in India – Click Here


To Start your own branded Preschool in India and manage it professionally, you would need complete professional, academically right information over below mentioned topics –

  1. Toys,
  2. Equipment,
  3. Preschool Academics,
  4. Recruitment,
  5. Designing the Site layout,
  6. Developing policies for your preschool,
  7. Transportation,
  8. Commencement,
  9. Inquiry Handling,
  10. Promotions,
  11. Advertising,
  12. Managing Relationships,
  13. Launch,
  14. Finance and Accounting,
  15. Budget,
  16. Preschool business in India,
  17. Preschool scenario in India


The ZERO Curriculum™ suggest the two steps, to involve into starting up of a new preschool –


  1. Attend ‘Preschool Entrepreneurship Program’ conducted by Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423) The Price ranges from INR 3000 to INR 77,000.


  1. Subscribe to the Curriculum & Training support by The ZERO Curriculum™, as per your Budget availability and location.



Preschool Entrepreneurship Program : –


Preschool Entrepreneurship Program will include topics like starting up, Toys, Equipment, Preschool Academics, Recruitment, Designing the Site layout, Developing policies for your preschool, Transportation, Commencement, Enquiry Handling, Promotions, Advertising, Managing Relationships, Launch, Finance and Accounting, Budget, Preschool business in India, Preschool scenario in India and many more.


In-Person PEP, conducted at Client location –


We conduct Preschool Entrepreneurship Program at client location, specifically for the client.

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is generally a three day training program covering all topics, we will also discuss about starting up Preschool as per your Budget, SEC, Fee and location.


Three Day training Program is priced in the range of INR 47,000 (minimum) to INR 77,000 (maximum). Price varies due to client’s location and dates opted.



Online PEP – Video Version –


Price is INR 19000 (Nineteen Thousand Only).


In this plan, you may also discuss about your business plan, queries and other questions and seek suggestions by speaking directly (Call / WhatsApp / Email) with Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423).



Online PEP – Text Version –


One may also Join this Preschool Entrepreneurship Program Online, whereby the same PowerPoint which is used in In-Person training Program, is shared online, although, in much elaborate manner. Price is INR 3000 (Three Thousand Only).


In this plan, you may NOT discuss about your business plan, queries and other questions and seek suggestions by speaking directly (Call / WhatsApp / Email) with Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423).


Ready Format Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum:


For Ready Format Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum the price begins from INR 1000 … Complete details about this may be collected from Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423).


Customized Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum:


The Price ranges from INR One Lakh (Minimum Price, Customized Curriculum) to around Seven Lakh (Maximum Price). This charge of Curriculum & Training support is also payable in Monthly Installment.

Contact now – Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423), CEO of The ZERO Curriculum™


For whom –

Entrepreneurs planning to start Preschool Education Business either through own name or through franchising option, and wants to have complete know-how of Preschool Education Business.

Live your dream of ‘Preschool Business’ along with Rewati Raman Vishewar (CEO, The ZERO Curriculum™), for 3 Days and enjoy continuous Support, until you have started and rolled out your Preschool (and have become a Master Entrepreneur).

Seek our Help in Designing the Preschool and Designing the Layout of your classrooms, as per your customised site/location and need.

Seek our Help in Planning the Investment and Working Capital as per your Budget available in your hand.

Seek our Help in Evaluating whether Preschool Education Business is Suitable for you or Not.


How good the Price is –


Save yourself from the problem of, having invested in useless toys and equipment, having planned the classrooms in a very poor manner, having no understanding of Curriculum and/or Syllabus and copied anything from anywhere, and ultimately facing problem with New Admissions, Existing parents and poor word-of-mouth.

Various other unprofessional sources like existing preschools, company’s managers, other consultants etc will never provide you professional information in a proper step-wise manner.

Furniture sellers will push their Furniture to you, Toy sellers will push their toys to you, Montessori manufacturers will push all their toys (good as well as useless) to you for no benefit of Child, Parents & Teachers, and, ultimately you will end up wasting your all Budget here and there in a complete unprofessional manner.

Remember that besides you, your Admission Counselor, Principal and Teachers also needs to have a Complete overview of each element of Preschool, so, just invest Rs. Fifty Seven Hundred Only, and save your wastage of time and money.

Compare our price with your even one visit to Toy Manufacturers / Dealers, Furniture sellers, Franchisers, and ending up wasting much valuable time and money. You will note that, even one visit of yours, be it through second class rail travel is going to cost you, more than the amount you will pay us.

Be Ready, before you face anybody else, in relation to your dream of Preschool Education Business, so that everybody takes you seriously, Join Online PEP now.

Being an Play School Entrepreneur is a very important RISK that you are planning to take-up, one wrong step and you will fall flat on your face, also you will never be able to know why you failed. You very well know that there is a difference between Bathroom Singer and Professional Singer. To make yourself a Professional Play School Entrepreneur Join Entrepreneurship Program – Preschool Entrepreneurship Program.

Save your Time & Money by Joining our Preschool Entrepreneurship Program.

Staring up a Play School in India, is a great task to be accomplished, by seeking information from unprofessional sources, or, by seeking useless franchise offers, you will ruin your future. Play School Franchising is Synonymous to vicious cycle of Cheating.

New Play School Laws of India also deplores and ends up suggesting to completely avoid ‘Play School Franchise Offers’.

It is strongly suggested that you should search on web for ‘Preschool Franchising is Smart Cheating’ and Read Article from ‘Preschool For Child Rights’.

You intend to become an Entrepreneur, then always remember that – Large Investment of Time and Money, unseen future, life of other Preschool Stakeholders, life of Preschool kids, remains at stake in Entrepreneur’s hand.

No Entrepreneur shall risk their Investment of Time and Money and future of Play School Kids in serious jeopardy, by looking for useless Play School / Preschool Franchise Offers.


Starting up Play School is NO Rocket Science thing … There are only Two Major things


1. Knowing about Equipment, Finance, Classroom design, and other Start up procedures – To Know everything about this just Join Entrepreneurship Program

2. To have Curriculum as per Play School Syllabus issued for India – We are providing the Ready Format Curriculum and Training Solutions.


Book your Mentor & Guide Rewati Raman Vishewar ( (Mob. / WhatsApp No. +91 9910680423), now!