Innovative Pedagogical Approaches, Assessment and Eligibility of Purchase

Pedagogical Practices, Assessment and Eligibility of Purchase :

Besides other features, The ZERO Curriculum™ also use most innovative pedagogical approaches and techniques, which is creatively reflecting in our several beautifully coined phrases, like – Calculus in Preschool™, Optics in Preschool™ and more.

To facilitate and extend further development into innovative pedagogical approaches, and convert these pedagogical approaches and other Curricular approaches into longitudinal research format, The ZERO Curriculum™ follows innovative Assessment procedure and also requires preschool / play school to follow several guidelines to be eligible to Subscribe to our Solutions.

Those states of India, which has its own Play School Laws and/or Play School Syllabus or Play School Curriculum Framework has its own Assessment forms and other requirements regarding Assessment.


Welcome to the world of The ZERO Curriculum™.

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