Global Preschool Curriculum – Playgroup Curriculum – Month One – Day One – Transition and welcome (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Transition and welcome:

  • Have a designated area for parents to say goodbye to their children.
  • Followed by prayer: While prayer is a common practice in preschools, but it’s important to ensure that it’s inclusive and respectful of all religions and cultures. Consider using a generic blessing or statement of gratitude instead.
  • Welcome the children with a soft toy in your hand. Consider having a variety of soft toys for children to choose from and use this opportunity to introduce children to their new classmates and teachers.
  • Make the children comfortable as it is their first day in school: In addition to the soft toy, there are many ways to make children feel comfortable and at ease on their first day.
  • Have a designated “quiet area” where children can take a break if they feel overwhelmed or provide familiar toys or books from home to help children feel more at home.
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