Global Preschool Curriculum – Playgroup Curriculum – Month One – Day One – Discovery Corner / Readiness corner

Discovery Corner / Readiness Corner:

The Discovery Corner is an important part of a preschool curriculum that can help children develop a range of skills and abilities. You are also suggested to change the below suggestions of materials and activities, to make them relevant to your own nation/culture.

Art material helps in creativity and exploration. The list of art materials could be very long, like – A-4 size white paper, crayons, paint, markers, colored pencils, glitter, glue, construction paper, tissue paper, tracing paper et al. We have provided the complete list of Art Materials here – List of Art Materials

Blocks Corner:

Blocks can help develop spatial reasoning, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. Different types of blocks are- wooden blocks, foam blocks, magnetic blocks, and interlocking blocks. One could also include accessories such as cars, people, animals, and trees to the Blocks corner to encourage imaginative play.

Dramatic Play Corner – Soft dolls:

Dramatic play is an essential part of early childhood development and can help children develop social skills, language skills, and empathy. While soft dolls are a great addition to the dramatic play corner, you could also include other props such as costumes, hats, kitchen sets, doctor kits, and tools. This will encourage children to engage in different types of pretend play and explore a variety of roles and scenarios.

Discovery, Science, and Sensory Corner:

This corner provides an opportunity to introduce children to science concepts and sensory experiences. One may include materials such as magnifying glasses, binoculars, bug catchers, shells, rocks, and fossils. You could also set up sensory bins with materials such as sand, water beads, rice, and play dough to stimulate tactile and sensory exploration.

Learning and Manipulative Corner – Body puzzle tray:

Manipulative toys such as puzzles and sorting games can help children develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and cognitive abilities. In addition to the body puzzle tray, you could include other types of puzzles, such as shape puzzles, animal puzzles, and number puzzles. One could also include sorting games with shapes, colors, and textures to encourage classification and matching.

Language / Reading Corner:

Reading is an essential part of early childhood education and can help develop vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. To enhance the language/reading corner, consider including a variety of books with different themes, genres, and reading levels. You could also include props such as puppets, felt boards, and storytelling props to encourage interactive and engaging reading experiences.

Music and Movement Corner:

Music and movement are important for physical development, coordination, and creativity. Consider including musical instruments such as drums, shakers, xylophones, and bells. You could also set up a dance area with scarves, ribbons, and hula hoops to encourage movement and expression. Additionally, you could include props such as puppets, costumes, and storybooks to encourage music and movement-based storytelling.

Today’s Plan :

Art CornerPaper and Crayons
Blocks Corner 
Dramatic Play CornerSoft dolls
Discovery, Science, and Sensory Corner 
Learning and Manipulative CornerBody puzzle tray
Language / Reading Corner 
Music and Movement Corner 
Today’s Plan for Science/Discovery Corner / Readiness Corner
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